Stankiewicz brings her voice to Cantate Carlisle

Cantate Carlisle’s newest member of the Board of Directors is Ginny Stankiewicz. Ginny and I took a moment to share a meal and some conversation at One13Social. We covered all the topics of family, education, volunteer work, Cantate, and even ventured into the topics of spirituality and politics. It was truly a pleasure to have the opportunity to get to know Ginny, and now, I introduce this amazing human to you….

The Soundtrack of Childhood

Ginny was born in New York, just beyond Scranton, Pennsylvania (queue Harry Chapin – “30-Thousand-Pounds of MASHED BANANAS!”) Early in her life, her family moved to Camp Hill, and she and her husband Tom have lived in Boiling Springs since 1985.

As with many of our singers and Board members, music has long been a part of Ginny’s life. Her father was a Jazz guitarist who introduced her and her three siblings to the jazz greats. He also L.O.V.E.D. Bob Dylan and introduced them to Dylan’s genre of music.

Her mother also loved music, so their home was filled with harmonizing among the family of six.

Ginny, her brother, and two sisters were self-taught guitarists. Her brother out-paced her in the guitar playing, so she sang while he played. Two of their favorite artists were Neil Young and James Taylor. Ginny was also in high school chorus and sang in her church choir.

The Education Connection

Ginny attended Penn State where she earned her degree in social work. She took a job working at a group home for at-risk young girls. The non-existent financial stability and the painfully slow turning of the cogs led her to accept an entry-level position at IBM where she worked while earning her MBA from Drexel. She would work for IBM for over 35 years before retiring.

Drexel and her IBM position were in Philadelphia, but as fate would have it, she would be transferred to a new facility in Mechanicsburg and soon met Tom Stankiewicz who had also been transferred to the new facility – he was smart and funny and of course, handsome. They were married a year later. That was in 1984. Two children and two grandchildren later, they are still going strong.

For the Love of Children

Ginny and Tom have two children – Ella, who works in real estate and is married with two beautiful babies, and Walt, who teaches Spanish and has a band called “Soup Kitchen.” As we spoke, Ginny shared photos and radiated all the mom-pride and grandma-joy.

The Driving Force

Ginny first joined the voices of Cantate during the Fall 2021 season, making her debut at our first post-pandemic live concert. She has always valued music, particularly live music, and auditioned for Cantate as a soprano. She has since moved to Alto, at the request of our artistic director.

Ginny, always game for a challenge, states that she has been “impressed with the level of musicianship” among her Cantate comrades-in-song.

A lifelong, enthusiastic volunteer, Ginny has served our community through the United Way, CASA, and the KEYS program, to name a few, so it was only natural for this soprano-turned-alto to join the volunteer forces of Cantate and bring her combination of logic, strategizing, and enthusiasm to our beautiful mix.

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  1. I am getting to know Ginnie more, as in my first year w Cantate, we sit beside each other in the 1st Alto section. We’re talking about going out to lunch sometime and have commented how much we enjoy Cantate, Michelle’s direction and personality and the challenging music.
    I have a question about tickets. Are they for reserved seating or General Admission? I’ve had 2 people ask.
    Thank you, Lynne

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