Cantate Carlisle would like to thank the artists who generously shared their artwork in our concert video!

Click on their name below for more information about their work.

Here I Am 

Photograpy by Marc Faubel 

The Song We Sing

Videography by Christopher Ilgenfritz 


Cantate Carlisle 30th Anniversary Commission

Pictures from the past 30 years of music making

If My People 

  1. Kaitlin Shadle – Light in the trees, Photography
  2. Kaitlin Shadle – Flower close up, Photography
  3. Kaitlin Shadle – Praying Mantis, Photography
  4. Howard Batchelor – Fuller Lake, Photography
  5. Doria Walsh – Drift, Acrylic on Canvas
  6. Carol Williams -Summer flower, photography
  7. Kaitlin Shadle – Crimson flower, Photography
  8. Doria Walsh – Deluge – Ink on Polystyrene
  9. Kaitlin Shadle – Light in the trees, Photography

Die Seligkeiten

  1. Kaitlin Shadle – Drooping flower, Photography
  2. Doria Walsh – Sunset, Watercolor on Paper
  3. Barbara Forney – State Park, VA, Nature path, Oil Painting
  4. Jean Macaluso – French Catacombs, Photography
  5. Linda Young – “The Devotion of Mother”, Watercolors
  6. Rebecca Pollard Myers – The Catch, Oil & Cold Wax
  7. Doria Walsh – At Sea – Gouache and Watercolor on Paper
  8. Kaitlin Shadle – Leaf and light, Photography 
  9. Kaitlin Shadle – At the lake, Photography 
  10. Oksana Mizina – Persecuted
  11. Creative Travel Projects – Sunlight in the trees
  12. Nadya So – Single Daisy
  13. Kaitlin Shadle – Sunflower against the grain, Photography
  14. Kaitlin Shadle – Sunflower close up, Photography
  15. Doria Walsh – The Seventh Wave – Encaustic Wax and Shellac on Cradled Wood Panel
  16. Doria Walsh – Held, Ink on Yupo Paper
  17. Doria Walsh – Undersea, Watercolor and Gouache on Paper
  18. Guy Freeman – Tree Reflection, Photography
  19. Doria Walsh – Sunset, Watercolor on Paper
  20. Linda Young – #2 “The day He called you home”, Watercolors

I am Loved 

  1. Doria Walsh – Clearing, Gouache on Paper
  2. Doria Walsh – Aurora Borealis, Gouache and Watercolor on Paper
  3. Kaitlin Shadle – Sky, Photography
  4. Kaitlin Shadle – Flame, Photography
  5. Kaitlin Shadle – Dandelions, Photography
  6. Kurt Smith – Right Under My Feet, Photography
  7. Carol Williams – Sunset at Ocean City, Photography
  8. Kaitlin Shadle – Sunflower, Photography
  9. Doria Walsh – Flourishing, Ink on Polystyrene
  10. Kaitlin Shadle – Tree in the fog, Photography
  11. Carol Williams – Across the Columbia, Photography 
  12. Carol Williams – Fort Denning Tree, Photography
  13. James Reynolds – Meteor Shower 2020, Photography
  14. Mike Knowlton – Grenadines Under Sail, Photography

Artist’s Full Contact Information (alphabetical)

Howard Batchelor

Marc Faubel,

Barbara Forney

Guy Freeman

Mike Knowlton

 Jean Macaluso

Rebecca Pollard Myers

James Reynolds ,instagram: @AshevillePictures

Kaitlin Shadle, instagram: @kshadlephotos,

Kurt Smith

Linda Young

Doria Walsh,, instagram: @artsing_lab

Carol Williams